What is BarLinePass?

BarLinePass makes it easy to plan a night out and get right in. No more planning around lines or wondering if you’ll get in. BLP provides bargoers the ability to purchase a digital pass to skip the line at their favorite venues. We develop and maintain relationships with our venue partners to provide VIP treatment for all of our users.

Skip the line, discover local promotions, or browse venues on the BarLinePass app.

How can I use BarLinePass?

  • Browse venues
  • Purchase a skip
  • Discover promotions
  • Buy tickets

Use BarLinePass on iOS,

Why should I use BarLinePass?

It comes down to one thing:

  • Convenience – We all know the struggle of going out and having to wait in line. BLP allows its users to have the option to pay a fee to get right in.

I bought a BLP, do I still have to pay cover?

Each venue is different. BLP works with each venue as they look to offer convenience options for their customer. We recommend to each venue that their cover should be included into the BLP price. If it is not, you will see that there is an extra cover charge under the details under the venue profile on the app.

How many people can I bring?

You have the access to purchase as many (available) BLP’s for you and your friends. Each purchased BLP will have its own unique ID so you can share with your friends and have them go straight to the line.

Can my guests show up later than me?

Yes. Each BLP pass will be uploaded to the bouncers BLP list. Simply have your friends head to the front with their ID’s and the bouncer will cross reference his list and check them right in with no wait!

Can I transfer my reservation to a different venue?

You cannot. When you purchase a BLP to a certain venue, it is only available to use at that venue.

What if I have to cancel BLP?

Once you check in with the bouncer and enter the venue, you are logged in the venue database as a line skip. There are no refunds to those who used BLP to skip the line and got right in. IF there is an instance where you purchase a BLP and cannot make it, email us at support@barlinepass.com and we can issue a refund.

Will I have to show my ID if I book a BLP through the app?

Yes, you will be required to show ID to verify your skip & age.

An issue came up, how do I get in touch with support?

Email us at support@barlinepass.com

Am I guaranteed entry if we booked through BLP?

No. Venues have complete discretion for entry. Info about the venue’s dress code and conduct guidelines can be found on the venue profile page.

Getting Into the Venue

What type of ID should I bring to the venue?

  • Valid, unexpired, US driver’s license (paper ID is not acceptable)
  • Out-of-state licenses often require a second form of ID, such as a credit card.
  • Official passport
  • U.S. Military ID

Can the door staff refuse entry if I booked through BLP?

Yes, entry is entirely the discretion of the door staff.

What are some reasons that I could be denied entry to a venue?

A venue can deny anybody entry from their private building, but some major reasons are:

  • Arriving overly-intoxicated
  • Being aggressive or rowdy
  • Breaking dress code
  • Being underage
  • Invalid forms of ID
  • Failing to comply with other establishment policies (which vary from venue to venue.)

My ID is expired, can I still get into a venue?

No. Expired IDs are not valid as a proof of age.

I have a temporary paper ID, what should I do?

Paper IDs are not honored as proper proof of age.

Is my BLP transferrable?

No, but you can buy a BLP for a friend and send it to them.


ancellation Policies

I need to cancel my BLP, what should I do?

To cancel your BLP, contact us at support@barlinepass.com

I’m on a guest list, but I’m not going to make it. What should I do?

We really appreciate when people let us know they won’t be attending, but you don’t have to do anything. Shoot us an email at support@barlinepass.com

Credit & Referrals

How can I earn BLP credit?

Earn BLP credit by sharing your referral code with friends. Your friend will receive credit towards their first BLP pass, and you’ll receive credit once they purchase a BLP for the first time. 


Can my friends and I combine credit?

Not as of now. One person can buy multiple BLP’s or each person can buy their own. New split payment features to come.

How can I use my referral code?

Share your referral code with friends, and on your personal social media. You may not share your referral code on coupon sites, search engines, or any other public forums. Doing so will result in all of your credit being revoked.

I referred a friend, where’s my credit?

Your friend receives credit immediately upon entering your referral code at signup. Once they purchase their first BLP, you’ll receive your referral credit.

Account & Profile

How do I sign up with BLP?

Sign up with your email, or link your Facebook account. Signing up for a BLP account is free.

After you sign up, complete your profile to get the most out of BLP.

What does a complete profile look like?

  • Your real name! – If not, you’ll have a reservation under a name that doesn’t match your ID, which makes the guest list problematic.
  • Birthday – We require a verified age to use our app. You’ll be showing security your ID, so it won’t help to enter an incorrect age.
  • Payment information – This makes it that much easier to book last minute and skip the line.

How do I change my payment method?

  • iOS: Click tab on the top right, tap “Payment,” , tap “Add Credit Card” enter your new payment information, and hit “save.”

How do I change my password?

Follow the forgot PW prompts. This will take you step by step and deliver you a new PW to the email you used to sign up for BLP.