Can barlinepass really save you 20 minutes or more to get right in?

Does a drill sergeant make for a terrible therapist?

Waiting in line is no fun.  Worse than that is feeling optionless.  Have you ever been stuck in line and said to a friend “I’d pay $100 to skip this wait” or “I have to pee so bad, I’d give my left arm to get in”

Barlinepass was created by your average bargoer’s, for your average bargoer’s.  We have experienced the pains of having to wait in line while wishing there was an option to barter our way in.  We know how easy it is to become an expert in shady cash transactions with bouncers, fake line stamps and the infamous chat & cut.  With a combined 10+ years in line waiting experience, we thought “there has to be a better way!”

The barlinepass technology was birthed to provide a simple option for any and everybody to choose to skip the wait.

We keep our ear to the ground and have witnessed your complaints.

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